Introducing the XT-60

In my previous Post – I went on a rant about PowerPoles (PP). It’s true, I do not use them anymore. What am I using instead? The connector that is used in the radio controlled aircraft universe – the XT60.

Electric RC aircraft gobble up huge amounts of current. Andthe con-nection between the motors and the power source must be reliable.

Similar to the universal use of Power Poles in Ham radio, XT60’s are THE connector used in RC models.

There are 3 reasons for this:

    1.  They can handle huge amounts of current
      Although they are rated for 30 amps. These connectors can easily handle twice that amount. In fact, I have seen YouTube videos that show these connectors can handle well over 100 amps for 10 seconds or more.
    2. They are highly resistant to vibration
      This may not be an important requirement for Hams, but it is good to know these connectors are not going to come loose.
    3.  They are more resistant to weather.
       Nobody is going to claim the XT60’s are waterproof. But they have more protection against the elements than a fully exposed PP.

There is one drawback however. Unlike the PP’s, XT60’s require soldering. This is certainly a problem for Hams who do not have soldering skills, but for me, it is an advantage.  Why? Because I believe a good solder connection of an XT-60 is much more reliable that a flimsy PP click.

Another nice thing about the XT-60’s is the price. Currently, you can get a bag of 10 pairs of XT60’s on Amazon for $7.99 USD.

That means an XT60 costs 80 cents plus tax. (I know, I know, I can hear the clicks on your calculator.)  That is the same price I ranted so much about in the previous post re. the  PP’s .  But look at the difference in what you get.

To me, the  XT60’s are far superior to the PP. They have way more mass, have a tight – slide on design, and much more contact surface than the PP.





I have converted my power boxes and all of my 12V connectors to the XT60. I also created a fleet of cross-over connectors so I can connect to a PP connector in the field if needed.

I also include a PP connector in my power boxes in case a traditionalist wants to borrow it.

I highly suggest you re-think your use of PP’s and switch to the far superior XT-60.






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