I created this blog to share my adventures in Ham radio. 

In particular, I plan on writing an extensive collection of Ham radio “How-To” documents to help ease the pain radio and computer technology causes so many of us.

YouTube videos are great. I deeply appreciate the dedicated Hams who spend so much time and money creating interesting content. Alas – so many Hams try to get their rigs working based on YouTube content, and they fail.

There is simply not enough technical details in YouTube videos to ensure success for new Hams or the ‘non-techies’ among us.

“Everything in life should be consumed in moderation – except technical documentation”



3 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Hello Michael,
    Thank you so much for sharing your insights on setting up the DigiRig. I’m in the midst of setting up two mobile DigiRig stations with Vara FM, and I can tell your How-to manual is going to be just the information I’ve been looking for! Thanks again! 73’s

  2. Found you site and the Vara FM, Windows,& Digrig instructions. They are great!

    The main thing I really appreciated were your cable comments. Can’t tell you how many times I have tried to do radio or Drone programming and pull my hair out because of poor quality cables.

    So, went to Digirig yesterday and ordered their connection cable.
    Once it arrives, I will use your guide and get this thing working.

    Appreciate your efforts!

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